This tissue module is designed to acquaint you with the basic characteristics of tissues.  The design enables the "first-timer" to take a systematic approach by stepping through tissue categories and topics to learn key characteristics of each tissue type.  For those seeking clarification or review, the organizational table that follows can be used as a launching point to a specific tissue type or related concept.  Finally, For those of you with a background who would like to see some instant sample images, take the "jet-track" to the tissue viewing page to view unlabelled images.  There are home-links on the top and bottom of pages.  The top home-link will always return you to the topic area you have chosen.  The bottom home link will bring you back to the organizational table.

This module employs frames that appear below or to the side of the main window.  As you click on links, pages or images will appear in these frames.  Size these for optimal viewing.  Any image windows pulled up independently by links should be closed so these do not accumulate.

Keep in mind each of us associates and integrates information in unique ways and for this reason, ample links are provided for viewing supportive text, images, and diagrams.  Explore these as you choose and remember the "back" button on your browser will always return you to previous pages.  

All color images you view as part of this module are optimized for viewing at full-color depth and 600 x 800(SVGA) resolution.  You should set your monitor to the highest color setting your graphics board will allow at this resolution.  Otherwise, automatic dithering of the images to 256 colors will destroy details in these images.

Jet Track to Tissues

Tissues of the Human Body: An Introduction

Introduction Epithelial Tissues

Linings and Coverings Simple


Classifying or Naming Epithelia Stratified


Cuboidal and Columnar
Glands Exocrine Glands Ducts and Tubules
Endocrine Glands
Connective Tissues Fluid Connective Tissues Lymph
Connective Tissues Proper Loose Connective Tissues Areolar
Loose Connective Tissues and Inflammation Adipose
Dense Connective Tissues Regular(collagen)
Supportive Connective Tissues Osseous Tissue Compact
Cartilage Hyaline
Muscle  Tissues Non-striated Smooth Muscle
Striated Skeletal Muscle
Cardiac Muscle
Nervous Tissues Neurons Multipolar Neurons in CNS
Nerves Nerves of the PNS
Receptors Miessner's and Pacinian Corpuscles

Take The Test on Tissues And See How Well You Do!

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