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Stratified Columnar and Cuboidal Epithelia

In certain ducts and along transition zones in body tracts, stratified columnar and cuboidal epithelia can occur.  As epithelial types, both are uncommon.  Basal cells are typically cuboidal with surface cells either columnar or cuboidal in appearance.  These types can be found in the larger ducts of various glands, including the pancreas, salivary, and sweat glands.  If you are viewing an epithelium and it consists of more than 3-4 layers of cells, it will not be one of these types.  Stratified squamous types and transitional are the only epithelia consisting of multiple cell layers.

Here is some stratified columnar epithelium in a kidney tubule.

Here is an example of stratified cuboidal epithelium in the duct of a sweat gland.

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