Student Supplements

1. Essential Study Partner-This CD-ROM is an interactive student study tool packed with hundreds of animations and learning activities. From quizzes to interactive diagrams, students will find that there has never been a more exciting way to study anatomy and physiology. A self-quizzing feature allows students to check knowledge of a topic before moving on to a new module. Additional unit exams give students the opportunity to review coverage for a more complete understanding. The ESP is packaged free with new textbooks.

2. Online Learning Center and Instructors gain access to a world of opportunities through this password protected web site. Students will find quizzes, activities, links, and much more. Instructors will find all the enhancement tools needed for teaching online, or for incorporating technology in the traditional course.

3. Laboratory Manual-Written by Terry R. Martin, this lab manual has been revised and closely tied to the 7th edition of the text. The manual now features Web Quest activities at the ends of most labs, where students are asked to further explore topics via the Internet. Correlations to the Virtual Physiology CD-ROM are also included. An Intelitool supplement is also offered.(0-07-290776-2)

4. Student Study Guide-Nancy A. Sickles Corbett prepared the study guide, which contains chapter overviews, chapter objectives, focus questions, mastery tests, study activities, and answer keys that correspond to the text chapters. (0-07-290777-0)

Other learning aids available from McGraw-Hill include:

5. The Dynamic Human CD-ROM-Version 2.0 (0-697-38935-9) illustrates the important relationship between anatomical structures and their functions in the human body. Realistic computer visualization and three-dimensional visualization are the premier features of this learning tool.

6. Virtual Physiology Lab CD-ROM-(0-697-37994-9) has ten simulations of animal-based experiments common in the physiology component of a laboratory course; allows students to repeat experiments for improved mastery.

7. Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Cards, third edition (0-697-26447-5), by Kent Van De Graaff, Ward Rhees, and Christopher Creek, is a boxed set of 300 illustrated cards (3 x 5 in.), each of which concisely summarizes a concept of structure or function, defines a term, and provides a table of related information.

8. Life Science Living Lexicon CD-ROM-(0-697-37993-0) by William Marchuk provides interactive vocabulary-building exercises. It includes the meanings of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes with illustrations and audio pronunciations.

9. Coloring Guide to Anatomy and Physiology-(0-697-17109-4) by Robert and Judith Stone emphasizes learning through the process of color association. The Coloring Guide provides a thorough review of anatomical and physiological concepts.

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