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4. What one or two provisions would influence you to choose another text?

5. In order of importance, what criteria do you use to select a new text? Choose 3 from the following:

6. Is there a laboratory component to your course? Yes     No

7. Do you use the Internet as an educational tool: Yes     No

8. Do you have a course web page? Yes     No

9. Do you anticipate using either the Internet or a course home page within the next 6 months? Yes     No

10. Which textual learning aids are most important to your text selection:

11. Which ancillaries are most important to your text selection:

12. What one recommendation would you make to McGraw-Hill Publishers, which could facilitate your text selection or course preparation?

13. Are there any course areas for which new texts are needed?








Office Phone:

E-Mail Address:

Area of Expertise:

Can we contact you to review in environmental science? Yes     No

Are you interested in writing either a text or ancillary? Yes     No

Would you like to be notified via e-mail when new products are published in your course area? Yes     No

Thanks for completing this survey – your comments are greatly appreciated!


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