Internet Activities

Measuring Air Content of the Lung

This site discusses various methods of measuring the air content of the lungs.

Question: How do you measure the air content of the lungs?


Structure of the Human Respiratory System

This site provides the user with a review of the anatomy of the human respiratory system.

Question: A. What are alveoli?

B. What is the trachea?


Gas Exchange in Humans

This helpful site addresses the basic principles of gas exchange in the human respiratory system.

Question: A. Describe the two phases of breathing.

B. Critique the use of graphics in this site.


CPR: You Can Do It!

The fundamentals of CPR are discussed at this site.

Question: What are the six steps of CPR?


The Lung Cancer and Cigarette Smoking Web Page

Learn about the relationship between smoking and lung cancer at this site.

Question: Relate several statistics about smoking and lung cancer.