Endocrine Case Histories - Case 29

A 50-year-old male had a total thyroidectomy followed by thyroid hormone-replacement therapy. Thirty-six hours later he developed laryngeal spasms, a mild tetany, and cramps in the muscles of the hands and arms. The following tests were performed:

Urine calcium 20 mg/dL
Urine phosphorus 0.1 g/day
Plasma calcium 7.0 mg/dL
Plasma phosphorus 5.0 mg/dL

Calcium gluconate and vitamin D (calcitriol) were given orally each day and the tetany and laryngeal spasms were alleviated.

1. What endocrine disorder is present in this person?

2. What is the purpose of vitamin D administration with the calcium?

3. What caused the tetany and laryngeal spasms?

4. How is blood calcium normally maintained at its physiological level?

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