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Supplements available to accompany
Foundations in Microbiology
Third Edition

CD-ROM Microbes In Motion (Stand-alone) / 0-697-37905-1 WCB
    McGraw-Hill brings microbiology to life with interactive media on CD-ROM. Actively explore microbial structure and function with this intriguing, easy-to-use technology. Investigate concepts by selecting a topic "book" from a shelf of subjects. Then "page through" those topic books chosen.

Identibacter Interactus CD-ROM / 0-697-37996-5
    With Identibacter interactus CD-ROM, students identify unknown bacteria by selecting tests, interpreting results, and determining a response. The student must choose tests from the more than 50 available. Through this process of selection and results, the student will become familiar with the organization of bacterial identification schemes and the utility of specific tests for distinguishing species of microorganisms.

Hyperclinic CD-ROM, Win (Stand-Alone) / 0-697-38672-4
    Take your students into the clinical laboratory with HyperClinic - an interactive multimedia program. Students are presented with a realistic case study that includes a history and description of signs and symptoms - and then are challenged to order appropriate diagnostic tests, evaluate results, and conclude with a diagnosis. In addition, a "Diagnostic Module" incorporates animations, audio, video, text, and illustrations to demonstrate the methods and underlying principles of diagnostic tests.

Microtest/Windows 3.5/Foundations In Microbiology /0-697-35458-X

Microtest/Macintosh 3.5/Foundations In Microbiology /0-697-35459-8

Microbiology Experiments: A Health Science Perspective /0-697-28598-7
    The new edition of Microbiology Experiments: A Health Science Perspective is perfect for allied health students who need to learn not only the basic principles of laboratory microbiology but also how to apply these principles in a clinical context.

Student Study Guide To Accompany Foundations In Microbiology /0-697-35455-5

Instructor's Manual/Test Item File To Accompany Foundations In Microbiology / 0-697-35454-7

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