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Seventh Edition
Sylvia S. Mader
Student Center

Welcome to the Student Center for Biology, Seventh Edition. Within this center you will find numerous text-specific learning tools tied to individual chapters as presented within the textbook and non-chapter-specific resources which are located within the Additional Student Features section.

NEW    General and Human Biology Case Studies

NEW     Biology Laboratory Manual Tipsheets

One of the key features of the Student Center are the e-Learning Sessions. The e-Learning Sessions are multimedia enhanced overviews of the chapter concepts. Each chapter's e-Learning Session will contain links to a variety of interactive educational content to help you further expand your understanding of the core chapter concepts. These links are indicated by the use of the following icons:

Animations of key biological principles are presented as RealVideo file clips. The RealPlayer plugin will be necessary for accessing this content. To install this player, please to the the RealNetworks.com Download site and follow the directions on-screen for proper installation.

The ESP Activities are additional activities correlated to the Essential Study Partner CD-ROM. These activities will help you to further explore the contents of the CD-ROM program and test your understanding of the concepts presented within the CD-ROM.

The Bioethic Case Studies provide you with real-world examples of current Biological issues. Critical thinking questions are incorporated into the case studies to help further your understanding.


The Johnson Explorations are interactive modules of key biological concepts. Users can change parameters and variables within these interactive explorations and observe the resulting changes. Explore and learn classic biological concepts a completely new way. The Johnson Explorations require the Macromedia Shockwave 7 Player. To install this player, please go to the Macromedia Shockwave Download site and follow the directions on-screen for proper installation.

The Art Activities provides you with a interactive environment for labeling art activities. The Art Activities require the Macromedia Shockwave 7 Player.

The Art Review provides you with a screen versions of key art figures from the textbook.

In addition to the e-Learning Sessions, you will find these chapter-specific features:

Art Quizzes are interactive quizzes built to determine your understanding of biological concepts presented within specific "line-art" figures from McGraw-Hill textbooks.

Key Term Flashcard is an interactive application built from the key terms and their definitions as presented within the textbook chapter. Test yourself by term or by definition.


Chapter Quiz is the chapter specific quiz to test your knowledge of all of the concepts presented within the textbook chapter.

Chapter Weblinks are chapter specific weblinks for your use. Why search endlessly through the internet when we can provide you with the important, qualified websites for the best use of your on-line research time.

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