Case Study 1:  Stem CellsEmbryonic Stem Cells
Case Study 2:  Creationism. Evolution and Creationism in the Classroom
Case Study 3:  Cloning.Of Cats and Clones
Case Study 4:  Heart Transplant. Be part of the Committee Decision
Case Study 5:  Hormones and Multiple Births. What are the Risks and Benefits?
Case Study 6:  Transplant. Financial Reimbursement for Organ Donation
Case Study 7:  Bulimia. Definitions and Deliberations
Case Study 8:  AIDS Vaccine.The Quest for an AIDS Vaccine
Case Study 9:  Smoking Ban.Pros and Cons of Smoking Bans
Case Study 10:  Behavior Disordered Students.Diagnosing ADHD
Case Study 11:  Hearing Loss and Jobs. Individual Choice and Company Policy
Case Study 12:  Sports & Fitness. A Story of High Stakes Sports and Negligence
Case Study 13:  Artificial Blood. Problems in Developing Artificial Blood
Case Study 14:  Osteoporosis. Can We Legally Mandate Prevention Through Drugs?
Case Study 15:  Development. In vitro Fertilization and the Question of Embryos
Case Study 16:  Frozen Embryos. A Fertility Clinic's Storage Problem
Case Study 17:  Artificial Womb. From Goat Fetus to ?
Case Study 18:  Treatment of Critically Ill Newborns. Debating the Decisions
Case Study 19:  DNA Dragnets. The Case of Anna P.
Case Study 20:  Conservation. Barn Owl Conservation
Case Study 21:  Offspring. Should You Need A License To Be A Parent??
Case Study 22:  Dr. Walker. Is Dr. Melissa Walker Too Old To Have A Baby?
Case Study 23:  Embryos. The Case Of The Embryos Without Parents

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