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Topics you learn about in class appear in the news every day.

This page gives summaries of recent Botany stories. To check events by location: click on the map pins below. To access past and recent stories by region, go the the regional list below the map. Less recent events are stored on the Archive Map page. Many of these events are still going on, so keep an eye on the news for updates on stories from both pages. There is also a text version of this page.

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  Events in the News: Listed by Region

North America
Louisville, Kentucky (United States): The Great American Tree (November, 2000)
Mexico: The Prickly Pear Cactus (November, 2000)
California (United States): Flowers: Love and Pesticides? (November, 2000)
Stanford, California (United States): Plastic-Producing Plants: The Cash Crop of the Future (November, 2000)
Mesoamerica: Let's Play Ball! (February, 2000)
New Jersey (United States): Getting Recombinant Proteins Straight from the Roots (February, 2000)
New York (United States): A Needle or a Banana? (February, 2000)

South and Central America
Peru: Cotton: The Fiber of Life (June, 2001)
West Coast, South America: Tomato: The Apple of Peru (June, 2001)
Brazil: How Sweet It Is (June, 2001)
Fashion Trends from Ecuador: The Panama Hat Story (April, 2000)
The Auca of Ecuador (April, 2000)
French Guiana: Perfumes from Flowers (February, 2000)
Peru: Using Bark to Cure the Bites (February, 2000)
Brazil (Amazon Region): Food of the Gods (February, 2000)

Ireland: The White Potato (June, 2001)
The Netherlands: Two Fingers of Froth (November, 2000)
Catnip (Eurasia) (April, 2000)
Finland: Let Them Eat Bread . . . and Benecol! (February, 2000)
Chernobyl (Ukraine): Using Plants to Clean Soil (February, 2000)

Africa and Middle East
Ethiopia: Coffee (June, 2001)
Egypt: Papyrus (June, 2001)
Put This in Your Pipe (Present-day Northern Middle East) (April, 2000)
Tanzania: Monkey See, Monkey Do . . . (February, 2000)
Madagascar: More Accessible Plant Alkaloids Through Cell Culture Systems (February, 2000)

Asia and Oceania
NE China: Soybeans: Cows Without Bones (June, 2001)
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and NW India: The Neem Tree (June, 2001)
Southeastern Asia: Tea (June, 2001)
Far East: Bamboo (June, 2001)
The Breadfruit (Western Pacific) (November, 2000)
Golden Rice is Life (Indonesia) (November, 2000)
Plant Estrogens (Asia) (November, 2000)
Music Down Under (Australia) (April, 2000)
Breathe Easy with Ephedrine (China) (April, 2000)
The Snakeroot Plant (India) (April, 2000)
Kava: The Original Welcoming Beverage (Polynesian Islands)
American Samoa: A Delicate Balance Among Plants, Pollinators, and People (February, 2000)
Hawaii: Genetically Altered Papayas Save the Harvest (February, 2000)

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