An Introduction to Plant Tissues

This tissue module is organized into three parts, each with a specific objective. The objective of part one is to provide an introduction to topics that relate to the structure and function of plant cells. These will help you understand why plant cells look the way they do. The objective of part two is to apply information learned in topics of part one as an aid to identify cell types and tissues these form. The objective of part three is to examine some representative slides of roots, stems, and leaves at different magnifications to see how tissues combine in different ways to form functional plant structure. Access topics by clicking on each in the module outline.

Be patient as each module unit can contain several images that will download into your browser buffer. This will speed up image swaps and roll-overs as you work through each unit. You do require Netscape 4.0, Internet Explorer 4.0 or a comparable browser that can handle roll-overs and layers to view this content. You should also set your computer for at least 800 x 600 display and 16 bit color. For new users of this module, click here for an overview of a page with some notes about use.

To access a library of some plant tissue images, click on the Image to the right!


I. The Plant Cell-Key Topics to Aid in Identification

II. Basic Plant Cells and Tissues

III. Virtual Microscopy

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