Simpson/Ogorzaly Economic Botany Weblinks

Chapter 1. Plants and Their Manipulation by People

Chapter 2. Origins of Agriculture

Chapter 3. Fruits and Nuts of Temperate Regions

Chapter 4. Fruits and Nuts of Warm Regions

Chapter 5. Cereal Grains and Forage Grasses

Chapter 6. Legumes

Chapter 7. Food from Leaves, Stems and Roots

Chapters 8. Spices, Herbs and Perfumes

Chapter 9. Vegetable Oils and Waxes

Chapter 10. Hydrogels, Elastic Latexes and Resins

Chapter 11. Medicinal Plants

Chapter 12. Psychoactive Drugs and Poisons from Plants

Chapter 13. Stimulating Beverages

Chapter 14. Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 15. Fibers, Dyes and Tannins

Chapter 16. Wood, Cork and Bamboo

Chapter 17. Ornamental Plants

Chapter 18. Algae

Chapter 19. Uses of Plants in the Future


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