Chapter 6 Cell Division

Cell Biology: Cell Cycle and Cytokinesis. The Harvard site has much information on mitosis, including tutorials and videos. More links than you’ll ever have time to read!

Cell Division: Binary Fission and Mitosis. This site contains an excellent review of these topics, including color diagrams of the cell cycle, prokaryotic and eukaryotic modes of cell division, and the phases of mitosis. Great links to other sites.

Mitosis. Photomicrographs and text description of mitosis in an animal cell.

Onion Root Tip Mitosis. Nice photomicrographs of all phases of mitosis.

Whitefish Mitosis. Nice photomicrographs of all phases of mitosis in cells of a fish blastula.

Mitosis and Meiosis; an interactive review. Click on a cell and identify the phase of mitosis seen.

Mitosis Wordsearch. A puzzle: find terms related to mitosis in the puzzle, and unscramble other words.

Mitosis. Photomicrographs and text on animal cell division.


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