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Palin: Catastrophe Prevention and Preparation for the Fire Services 1e

Catastrophe Preparation and Prevention for Fire Service Professionals is a multi-media product for Homeland Security designed for fire service personnel. It features a full color, 160 page, spiral bound worktext that contains a link to an online simulation game called "San Luis Rey" and a CD-ROM containing selected government documents and excerpts from McGraw-Hill texts. Instructors can use the wealth of material in the CD-ROM to adjust the length of the course. It can be taught in a single day or two-day course or expanded into a full semester. The worktext guides the student through the material and links the learning experience from the different formats.
During the course, learners participate in an online simulation game where they will have to detect and prevent terrorist attacks. Failure has dire consequences for them and the fictional jurisdiction of San Luis Rey. The game challenges learners to move beyond response-oriented training and think about what it takes to prevent terrorist attack

Table of Contents

  • Orientation
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Recognize Threats
  • Chapter 3 – Share Information
  • Chapter 4 - Collaborate
  • Chapter 5 – Manage Risk
  • Chapter 6 – Decide to Intervene
  • Acknowlegments
  • Works Cited
  • Appendix – San Luis Rey
  • General Index
  • Features

  • Each chapter begins with a list of learning objectives
  • Following each chapter review is an invitation to reinforce your learning through enrollment and participation in a game-like online exercise offered by the Institute for Preventative Strategies. These exercises are focused on preventing terrorist attack within the fictional environment of San Luis Rey.
  • Both the online exercise and the workbook are based on a problem-solving framework called the Prevention Cube.
  • Supplements and Resources

    1. IPC to accompany Catastrophe Preparation for the Fire Services, ISBN 0073346462
    2. DVD to accompany Catastrophe Preparation for the Fire Services, ISBN 0073346470
    3. For more information and purchasing options, contact our sales representatives.