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Stephen Haag, UNIV OF DENVER
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  • ISBN: 0-07-283411-0
    Description: ©2004 / Softcover / 592 pages
    New to This Edition
    • A new focus on productivity! The authors present topics so students see what they can do and achieve with technology, all while consistently emphasizing the productivity issues involved in every decision
    • Career coverage Integrated throughout the text, the authors provide pertinent career information, helping students better assess their interests and future opportunities.
    • Pedagogically driven Chapter Openers The chapter openers now include 1/e’s popular Crossword Puzzle, as well as Learning Objectives, designed to better guide the student through the material ahead.
    • SimNet Concepts: An Interactive Student CD, an optional package with every book, replaces the Interactive Companion CD included with 1/e. This new product is integrated with the I-Series text through chapter opening and in-text references, and is designed to greatly enhance the learning process through the use of interactivity and animation.

    • Did You Know? -Marginal element that continues chapter-opening theme with a few quick facts integrated throughout the chapter.

    • Making the Grade-Quick concept checks at end of each major section that encourage students to stop and check to see if they are retaining the content.

    • Practically Speaking Box-This is a full, standalone page discussing a real-life technology issue. This topical coverage is flexible, very visual and carries a high-tech magazine style theme. Examples include Telecommuting, How Real is Virtual Reality, Smart Phone that do Everything, and Email/Internet Addiction (1/chapter)

    • I-Buy Boxes cover all issues related to buying and upgrading your own PC! Examples include lease v. purchase, pros and cons of multi-function printers, warranties, and quality of life. (1/chapter)

    • I-Series Insights: Ethics, Security & Privacy, Legal Issues-Takes a look at these important issues, again providing a real-world emphasis to content coverage. (1/chapter)

    • I-Witness: An Up-Close Look at Web Sites provides the dos and don'ts of web site design. Critical thinking is encouraged as students are asked to look at and analyze good and bad sites. Examples include web hosting, images and graphics, and blinking binge. (1/chapter)

    • Chapter Summary-Brief overview of key points. This summary also refers student to web site for further exploration.

    Preliminary Table of Contents
    1 Computers In Your Life Today:Are You Ready To Become Wired?
    2 The World Wide Web And The Internet:How Vast Is Your Virtual Imagination?
    3 Software And Multimedia:What Can Your Computer Do For You?
    4 E-Commerce, Web Multimedia, And Web Authoring:How Do You Harness The Power Of The Web?
    5 A Consumer's Guide To Computer Systems: What Do You Need To Know When Buying A Computer?
    6 Nuts And Bolts Of Networks And Computers:How Do Networks And Computers Work?
    7 Ethics, Security, And Privacy:What's Right, What's Wrong, And How Can You Protect Yourself?
    8 Files And Databases:How Do You Organize Your Information?
    9 Emerging Technologies:How About A Preview Of Coming Attractions?
    10 Systems Development:Why Is Packaged Software Sometimes Not Enough?
    11 Computer Programming:How Can You Create Your Own Applications?
    12 Organizational Information Systems:Why Are Computers The Heavy Artillery In Business?
    13 The Power Of Computer Brainpower:How Can Computers Help You Make Decisions?