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how instructors use it
PowerWeb offers you a great way to make coursepacks. Instead of searching through newspapers and magazines, you can point and click your way through PowerWeb for articles that complement your text. Print them out or direct your students to them electronically. Either way, you save prep time while bringing the very latest real-world coverage to your course. PowerWeb articles are recommended by professors like you, which means you won't get all the clutter that results from most Web searches.

how students use it
Students can visit PowerWeb to search for discipline-specific articles or essays. They can also take a self-grading quiz. Work through an interactive exercise. Click through an interactive glossary. Or check the week's news, which is moderated by a discipline-specific expert.

how much work is required
None. PowerWeb is fully populated and ready to go. Students will find a password in their new McGraw-Hill textbook that will give them full access to the Web Site.

how we can help
PowerWeb is easy to navigate and requires no start-up work on your part. However, if a problem should occur, our in-house specialists are just a phone call or e-mail away.

Visit for a list of available titles, to take a product tour and more!
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