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McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center Test

1. Review the animation and answer the following questions.

DNA is packaged because otherwise it is

A. too short to be manipulated during cell division.
B. too long to be manipulated during cell division.
C. too long to fit in the nucleus.
D. resistant to replication.

2. The role of histones in DNA packaging is A. as glues to hold the DNA strands of a double helix together.
B. to protect the DNA from breaking.
C. in the process of condensation only.
D. they act as spools around which the DNA winds.

3. Condensation of the chromosomes before cell division is crucial because without condensation A. DNA replication will not occur.
B. the DNA would not fit in the nucleus.
C. the chromosomes would be very hard to manipulate.
D. transcription will not occur.

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