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McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center Test

1. Review the animation and answer the following questions.

The electron carriers use the energy derived from the movement of electrons to

A. pump hydrogen ions from the matrix to the intermembrane space.
B. produce ATP.
C. pump hydrogen ions from the intermembrane space to the matrix.
D. produce water.

2. One molecule of NADH leads to the production of more ATPs than does one molecule of FADH2. This is because A. the protons pumped because of NADH are closer to the ATP synthase complex.
B. more electrons are released from NADH.
C. FADH2 releases fewer protons for pumping.
D. The electrons carried by NADH have more energy than the ones carried by FADH2.

3. The ATP synthase complex is a series of proteins which A. actively pump protons across the membrane.
B. actively pump ATP across the membrane.
C. allow protons to move down their concentration gradient.
D. hydrolyze ATP to ADP.

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