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McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center Test

1. Review the animation and answer the following questions.

Active transport

A. requires energy.
B. can only move molecules down their concentration gradient.
C. does not require proteins.
D. can only move molecules against their concentration gradient.

2. The energy stored in ATP is used to drive the sodium-potassium pump by A. contributing direct heat energy to drive the pump.
B. phosphorylating the transport protein to change its configuration.
C. directly pushing the sodium and potassium ions against their respective gradients.
D. providing high energy electrons.

3. In the case of the sodium-potassium pump, when there is no ATP available, we would expect to find that A. sodium ions were still being pumped out of the cell.
B. potassium ions were still binding to the transport protein.
C. the transport protein was still being phosphorylated.
D. sodium ions were still binding to the transport protein.

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