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McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center Test

1. Review the animation and answer the following questions.

A single action potential can stimulate many muscle fibers because

A. the potential is so large that the action potential can move from fiber to fiber.
B. each nerve fiber branches many times.
C. each axon terminal is very large relative to a single muscle fiber.
D. a large amount of acetylcholine is released by each synaptic vesicle.

2. The site at which the axon and muscle fiber meet is called the A. neurological junction.
B. axon terminal.
C. neuromuscular junction.
D. synaptic vesicles.

3. Binding of acetylcholine to the chemically gated ion channel causes A. release of more acetylcholine.
B. movement of sodium ions into the muscle fiber.
C. movement of sodium ions out of the muscle fiber.
D. movement of potassium ions out of the muscle fiber.

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