Chapter 6 Quiz 1

Chapter 6 Quiz 1

1. Which of the following people argued against the moral justification of civil disobedience? a. Mohandas Gandhi.
b. Martin Luther King Jr.
c. Socrates.
d. All three of these people supported civil disobedience.

2. It is fair to conclude that anarchism is not really a political theory at all. True

3. Paul Wolf is most likely a proponent of which of the following political theories? a. Anarchism.
b. Liberalism.
c. Social contract theory.
d. Socialism.

4. Which of the following philosophers would be least likely to support a social contract theory of government? a. Thomas Hobbes.
b. Paul Wolf.
c. John Locke.
d. Socrates.

5. According to Thomas Hobbes, which of the following best describes life in the State of Nature? a. Nasty, brutish and short.
b. Carefree, happy and healthy.
c. Difficult but meaningful.
d. Hobbes argues that the State of Nature depends on the individual personalities of the people living in it.

6. According to Thomas Hobbes which of the following best expresses the natural rights humans have in the State of Nature? a. In the state of nature there are no natural rights.
b. The rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
c. The rights of life, liberty and natural property
d. The right of self-preservation.

7. It is fair to say that Thomas Hobbes believed that a social contract was a natural product of the state of nature? True

8. Which of the following types of government does Thomas Hobbes suggest is the most effective? a. Democracy.
b. Communism.
c. Anarchy.
d. Monarchy.

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