Chapter 6 Quiz 3

Chapter 6 Quiz 3

1. In Plato's idea society, which of the following classes of citizens were granted the most material luxuries? a. The common people.
b. The religious leaders.
c. The rulers.
d. The military.

2. Plato felt that philosophers were the people best suited to lead society. True

3. Natural law theory suggests that it is wrong to legislate morality? True

4. Natural law theory is least similar to the political philosophies of which of the following philosophers? a. Hobbes.
b. Plato.
c. Socrates.
d. Aristotle.

5. Moral law theory is founded on the fact that its basic principles can be empirically proven. True

6. St. Thomas Aquinas is best characterizes as a proponent of which of the following political theories? a. Moral law theory.
b. Anarchism.
c. Liberalism.
d. Utilitarianism.

7. Which of the following philosophers would be most likely to support the political philosophy called natural law theory? a. Immanuel Kant.
b. Jeremy Bentham.
c. Thomas Hobbes.
d. J.S Mill.

8. The Veil of Ignorance is a thought experiment used by which of the following philosophers? a. John Rawls.
b. Karl Marx.
c. John Locke.
d. J.S. Mill.

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