Chapter 6 Quiz 4

Chapter 6 Quiz 4

1. Rawls argues that someone who is naturally superior to others in character or ability always deserves a larger than average share of society's assets. True

2. In which of the following situations would Rawls argue that one person should receive an unequally large share of society's assets? a. Anytime the person works harder than the average person.
b. Anytime that granting the larger share would result in everyone's advantage.
c. Granting an unequally large share to someone is never acceptable.
d. Anytime the person involved has abilities which are superior to the average person.

3. Which of the following claims presents the strongest argument against Rawls's political philosophy based on the original position? a. We can't simple start from scratch in creating a new society.
b. People are born with different abilities.
c. People generally look out for themselves before considering the welfare of others.
d. People are often willing to gamble in hopes of obtaining riches.

4. Who, according to the text is one of John Rawls's strongest critics? a. Carol Gilligan.
b. Robert Nozick.
c. Karl Marx.
d. J.S. Mill.

5. Which of the following societies is closest to Rawls's conception of the ideal society? a. Communist Cuba.
b. The democracy of United States of America.
c. Plato's Republic.
d. The warlord-based dictatorship of Somalia.

6. According to J.S Mill's political philosophy, society has no right to make the private use of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine illegal. True

7. Which of the following pairs of words best characterizes the distinction between liberalism and communism? a. West vs. east.
b. Individual vs. society.
c. Fair vs. unfair.
d. Modern vs. ancient.

8. Based on J.S. Mill's political philosophy, which of the following rules would he most likely support? a. Free speech should never be limited.
b. Free speech should be limited if a majority of the population finds such speech inappropriate.
c. Free speech should be limited only when it causes direct and immediate harm to someone in society.
d. Free speech should be limited whenever such speech is found to be inappropriate by anyone in society.

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