Chapter 6 Quiz 5

Chapter 6 Quiz 5

1. J.S. Mill's 'very simple principle' is related most closely to which of the following concepts? a. Happiness.
b. Equality.
c. Harm.
d. Justice.

2. According to J.S. Mill's political philosophy it would be wrong to pass a law which forced a person to wade into a pond to save a boy from drowning? True

3. It is fair to say that Karl Marx believed that an evolution to communism was inevitable for all societies? True

4. Which of the following did Marx believe religion was an expression of? a. Economics.
b. Psychology.
c. Anthropology.
d. Philosophy.

5. According to Marx, the class of people known as the bourgeoisie are greater in number than the class of people known as the proletariat. True

6. Karl Marx's understanding of property is most similar to which of the following philosophers? a. Robert Nozick.
b. John Locke.
c. J.S. Mill.
d. Thomas Hobbes.

7. Which of the following is not among the ideals of Marx's communist society? a. Two distinct classes of citizens, those who dictate the rules and those who follow the rules.
b. The abolition of private property.
c. The abolition of all rights of inheritance.
d. A free education for all children.

8. Which of the following political philosophies most clearly disapproves of civil disobedience? a. Social contract theory.
b. Moral law theory.
c. Communism.
d. Anarchy.

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