Review Quiz #1 For Chapter One Part 4

Review Quiz #1 For Chapter One Part 4

1. Which is NOT a prevalent motif in heroic myth? a. insatiable desire to accomplish extraordinary deeds.
b. martial skill.
c. phenomenal strength.
d. intellect and education.
e. personal courage.

2. The return home is an important element of a hero's quest. True

3. Which is NOT generally a prominent theme of Greek myth? a. acts of violence.
b. heroic conflict.
c. sexual aggression
d. warfare.
e. life-long fidelity.

4. After the noble heroes defeat the evil adversariess, Greek myth generally has a happy ending. True

5. Family strife is often a feature in Greek myth. True

6. Sexual aggression in Greek myth generally does NOT include... a. murder.
b. homosexuality.
c. rape.
d. incest.
e. treachery.

7. Greek myth tries to overcome the sense of inevitability of human suffering. True

8. The concept of "humanism" in regard to Greek myth does NOT include... a. anthrocentrism.
b. anthropomorphism.
c. indirect influence by the Gods.
d. personal struggles with the concept of mortality.
e. morally superior heroes.

9. The humanistic tradition in Greek myth does NOT assert... a. intrinsic value of human beings.
b. the dignity of human struggles.
c. worth of the individual.
d. the creativeness of humans.
e. human equality with the Gods.

10. Hades was a vision of the afterlife in which disembodies shades could be redeemed by worthy actions. True

11. The heaven-like existence could be achieved by human by great deeds or goodness. True

12. Greek myths held no hope from an eternal aimlessness in the perpetual darkness of the afterlife. True

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