Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 10

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 10

1. The better a Hero is at achieving his extraordinary goals the more... A. wealth he attains
B. his spiritual growth
C. hard he is to ordinary human emotion
D. threat he becomes to the Gods and Goddesses
E. he returns to savagery.

2. The symbolic, and sometimes literal, quest of the Hero as Protector is... A. killing as many enemies as possible
B. maintain the level of economic growth attained
C. maintain a strict code of morality
D. backsliding into barbarism
E. threatening the monarchy of the Gods and Goddesses.

3. The mythical creature, the Centaur, is... A. part horse
B. part snake
C. part God
D. part Gorgon
E. all of the above.

4. Centaurs were known for their... A. voracious appetites for food
B. voracious appetites for wine
C. their intellectual capability
D. their lustiness
E. all of the above.

5. The wise Centaur Chiron was known for... A. instructing Athene in the use of the Medusa shield
B. humans in martial arts
C. guiding the Titans
D. being transformed into a constellation
E. poisoning Heracles.

6. The Centaur can be seen as representing... A. conflicting urges of the human psyche
B. creativity
C. merciless war
D. inter-species love
E. the compassion of nature.

7. The Hero Perseus is considered exemplary in his... A. kindness to animals
B. good relationships with women
C. sailing of all seven seas
D. attaining of more territory for the Greek empire
E. all of the above.

8. Perseus' mother was raped by Zeus in the form of a... A. Gorgon
B. silver horse
C. white cow
D. shower of gold
E. rainbow.

9. Perseus cuts off the head of Medusa to... A. save his wife, Eurydice
B. save his mother from unwanted advances
C. compete with the Giant Orpheus
D. become invisible
E. all of above.

10. Medusa was NOT... A. castrated
B. known for her luxurious silken hair
C. compassion to wayfarers
D. symbolic of the patriarchal concern for women's rights
E. all of the above.

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