Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 10

Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 10

1. To Slay Medusa, Perseus does NOT... A. don the cap of invisibility
B. call on the Goddess Aphrodite to make him irresistible
C. use his shield as a mirror
D. walk backwards
E. do any of the above.

2. Medusa's power was said to turn men to stone by... A. the incredible beauty of face
B. looking at her face
C. a curse on her
D. all of the above
E. none of the above.

3. Medusa was said to have... A. snakes for hair
B. golden wings
C. birthed Pegasus
D. represent patriarchal concerns with women's mysteries
E. all of the above.

4. When Perseus cuts off Medusa's head, he... A. turns Atlas into stone with it
B. turns Zeus into stone with it
C. reconstructs the beauty of Helen from it
D. Buries it to appease the volcano Etna
E. all of the above.

5. Perseus rescues Andromeda, who is being sacrificed to the sea-monster because... A. her mother has been bragging
B. she is to wed Poseidon in the Afterlife
C. Perseus killed Medusa
D. every seven years the m onster sacks the town
E. all of the above.

6. Perseus ends his Heroic life by... A. falling off a boat
B. being killed by Medusa's two sisters
C. becoming a Titan
D. settling down
E. all of the above.

7. Hercules was also known as... A. Hera's glory
B. Heracles
C. the son of Zeus
D. unusually hairy and prone to drunkenness
E. all of the above.

8. Hercules is sentenced to perform his Twelve labors because he... A. killed the king's favorite lion
B. killed his own wife and children
C. killed Theseus
D. tried to get into Hades while still alive
E. was too hairy.

9. Hercules, like all the other heroes he represents, is condemned, despite all he accomplishes, by the knowledge that... A. he is deformed physically
B. that he is not loved
C. that he must one day die
D. that his true father is not Zeus
E. all of the above.

10. Hercules is killed by... A. his second wife
B. a shirt poisoned with his own blood and semen
C. the scheme of a centaur
D. his wife's attempts to domesticate him
E. all of the above.

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