Review Quiz #5 for Chapter 10

Review Quiz #5 for Chapter 10

1. The Twelve labors of Hercules... A. are a metaphor for Greek history
B. are symbolic of the aggression of men toward women
C. display the Heroic need and ability to accomplish impossible deeds
D. idealize the Greek attitude toward murder
E. allow Hercules to attain immortality.

2. The formula followed by most heroes on their journey is... A. departure from home, testing, triumph, return to home
B. fall from grace, departure from Olympus, attaining fame, achieving immortality
C. departure from home, achieving immortality, descending into the Underworld, return to Olympus
D. Fighting monsters, being cast out of his home, drinking with Centaurs, redeeming his spirituality, achieving immortality
E. Departing from home, descending into the Underworld, fighting monsters, getting home and getting married.

3. The Hero Theseus was known for... A. fighting along with the Argonauts and Hercules
B. killing the Minotaur
C. trying to abduct the Goddess Persephone
D. abandoning his women on his travels
E. all of the above.

4. The Minotaur was... A. a Gorgon, with snakes for hair
B. half/bull
C. half/eagle
D. a sea monster
E. a prince captive of King Theseus.

5. The Hero Jason was said to be the... A. embodiment of the west wind
B. grandson of a Wind God
C. was born lame
D. was the son of Medusa
E. was born with golden "fleece."

6. The Hero Jason was the... A. leader of the Argonauts
B. the killer of Medusa
C. murdered his teacher, the centaur Chiron
D. the lover of Persephone, whom Hades turned into a white cow constellation
E. the only hero to achieve immortality.

7. Jason's Heroic fame is compromised by... A. becoming greedy of human status and wealth
B. hiding behind the women in his life
C. succumbing to the magic and sorcery representative of the chtonic forces of the Goddess
D. pursuing, using and then abandoning his women along his journey
E. all of the above.

8. Medea was known... A. as the sister of Medusa
B. for the killing of her children by Jason
C. for the killing of her rival Circe
D. for killing Jason as he sat in his ship's rotted prow
E. all of the above.

9. The hero Phaeton could be compared to the mortal ___________in his fatal aspirations... A. Orpheus
B. Hephaestus
C. Icarus
D. Circe
E. Medea.

10. The Hero Phaeton tried to _________with disastrous results... A. tame the Minotaur
B. kill the dog Cerebus
C. redirect the River Styx
D. drive the sun chariot
E. fly to the moon on one of Zeus' thunderbolts.

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