Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 11

Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 11

1. The mythic start of the Trojan war occurs because... a. the Goddess Hera caught the God Zeus with Helen.
b. because one of the Goddesses was mad about being uninvited.
c. because the God Zeus had taken the realm of the sea away from Poseidon.
d. because Hercules had angered the Goddess Hera.
e. all of the above

2. The winner of the prize promises Paris... a. the rule over all women
b. the most beautiful of all the goddesses
c. the most beautiful mortal woman in the world
d. the Goddess Persephone
e. herself

3. Paris chooses the Goddess... a. Hera
b. Athene
c. Persephone
d. Aphrodite
e. Pandora

4. The most beautiful woman in the ancient Greek world was said to be... a. Pandora
b. Eve
c. Helen
d. Gaea
e. Thetis

5. The wedding, that formed the background event for the decision of Paris, was of... a. Hercules and Pandora
b. Thetis, a minor goddess and a mortal man
c. Tantalis, a minor god and a mortal woman
d. the God Apollo and the Goddess Eris
e. the grandchild of Poseidon with the grand-daughter of Hades

6. The Trojan war was begun to... a. defeat the Greeks
b. return the wife of Menelaus
c. return the goddess Persephone to the Underworld
d. defend the royal claims of Achilles
e. return Medea to her husband

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