Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 12

Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 12

1. Where had Odysseus been at the start of the "Odyssey?" a. on campaign in Egypt
b. Trojan War
c. fighting the Mesopotamians
d. fighting the Gauls and Brits
e. India

2. Along the way, Odysseus is... a. shipwrecked
b. turned into a woman and back again
c. eaten by a cannibal
d. kills his wife
e. all of the above

3. Along the way, Odysseus is rescued by the God Hermes only twice, one theory for this is... a. the God Zeus thinks Odysseus is about to be overwhelmed by female forces
b. the God Apollo is concerned for his son
c. Odysseus has learned his lessons
d. all the women were busy
e. all of the above

4. Who makes Odysseus her love slave? a. the Goddess Aphrodite
b. the Gorgon, Medusa
c. the Queen of Sheba
d. Calypso
e. all of the above

5. Who is the enchantress who turns men into swine? a. the Gorgon, Medusa
b. the Goddess of the Moon
c. Circe
d. Medea
e. Cassandra

6. In the opening words to the "Odyssey", Odysseus blames people for... a. not supporting their Heroes
b. causing their own suffering
c. allowing people to poor
d. giving in to the Gods and Goddesses
e. their ani mal natures

7. The blind seer, Tiresias was... a. in most myths of the royal family of Thebes
b. always ignored by the leaders
c. always right
d. in the Underworld in the "Odyssey"
e. all of the above

8. The prophet, Tiresias, warns the Hero Odysseus... a. avoid women
b. to use a disguise when leaving Hades
c. to use a secret spell to leave Hades
d. to adopt a more loving attitude
e. adopting more prudent attitude

9. Odysseus was sentenced "to wander" on his journey home by ________for blinding his son, Polythemus... a. Zeus
b. Poseidon
c. Hades
d. Apollo
e. Tiresias

10. Polythemus was... a. a giant cannibal
b. a dolphin
c. a King of Ithaca
d. a dragon/man
e. a giant whirlpool

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