Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 12

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 12

1. The Goddess Athene, helps Odysseus by... a. warning him of his temper
b. warning his of his divine birth
c. warning him of Zeus' revenge
d. women in disguise
e. all of the above

2. In Hades, the spirit of Agamemnon warns Odysseus of... a. magic spells that Circe will use against him
b. even the closest of friends
c. even the most loving of fathers
d. even the best of wives
e. all of the above

3. Narrative elements (in the "Odyssey") that Circe and Calypso share DO NOT include... a. reducing men to their common denominator
b. feminine power linked to magic and mystery
c. representative of matriarchal islands in the sea of patriarchy
d. loving Odysseus
e. being half-serpent half-human

4. Most of the women Odysseus encounters... a. first challenge then aid him
b. first love and then leave him
c. seduce him and then torture him
d. offer him their children
e. return with him to his home

5. Odysseus' son, Telemachus, would be doomed to repeat the fate of Orestes, who had to slay the seducer of his mother and killer of his father, if Odysseus does not... a. kill his mother
b. kill the 100 suitors
c. offer himself up for justice
d. marry the Goddess Athene
e. kill the God Poseidon

6. The concept of "divine law" refers to... a. the rules of the Gods and Goddesses
b. the reward of the good and punishment of the bad
c. unavoidable and unpredictable change
d. people will be the cause of their own troubles
e. all of the above

7. The Goddess Athene is said to appear in the narrative of the "Odyssey" as the... a. representative of women everywhere
b. symbolic messenger of the Underworld
c. the unexpected occurrence of rational thought
d. the unexpe cted occurrence of joy
e. the unexpected arrival of encounters with mythical beasts representing the subconscious

8. Calypso is said to represent... a. unchecked curiosity
b. female rights
c. unchecked female sexuality
d. rampant romanticism
e. female fertility

9. Penelope is said to be... a. the fullness of Odysseus' female counterpart
b. the lovely evil of the God Zeus
c. the enchantress of Odysseus
d. the leader of Thebes while Odysseus was gone
e. the link between the rea lms of the Underworld and the world of men

10. Among the qualities Penelope has in common with Odysseus is NOT... a. weaving
b. cunning
c. endurance
d. immortality
e. resourcefulness

11. Odysseus ends the tale of the "Odyssey" by confiding to Penelope that he... a. seduced Circe
b. was seduced by Calypso
c. must kill their son
d. must leave again
e. no longer loves her

12. The God Zeus and the Goddess Athene bring the Troy Saga to an end by... a. causing everyone to forget the war ever happened
b. reconciling relatives of the suitors
c. causing the 100 suitors to be transported to Egypt
d. a plague
e. causing the invasion by the Dorians

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