Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 13

Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 13

1. The Bacchae... a. was a cult of women
b. was a cult of the God Dionysus
c. was a ecstatic cult with wild dancing and choruses
d. was a passionate, violent cult
e. all of the above

2. The play by Euripides, "The Bacchae" was about... a. the God Dionysus' return to his birthplace
b. the God Dionysus' return from the Underworld
c. the miraculous births of the God Dionysus and the Goddess Athene
d. the miracle of rebirth
e. the God Dionysus giving humanity the gift of wine

3. In the "Bacchae" the character of the King of Thebes, Pentheus, is comparable to the character of ________ in the play "Antigone" in terms of his rigid authority. a. the blind seer, Tiresius
b. the Hero Hercules
c. the God Prometheus
d. Creon, the brother of Oedipus
e. all of the above

4. In the "Bacchae", the God Dionysus wreaks punishes the citizens of Thebes because... a. they were lascivious and sinful
b. they had not contributed warriors to the Trojan War
c. they did not recognize his divinity
d. they were opposed to women's rights
e. they were born of dragon's teeth

5. One of the punishments inflicted on the citizens of Thebes by the God Dionysus is... a. all the livestock runs away
b. calamitous rains and storms
c. all the women run wild in the woods
d. all the men are sent to sea
e. turning the women into serpents

6. In the "Bacchae", the God Dionysus turns the springs of water into... a. springs of honey and ambrosia
b. springs of wine and milk
c. springs of eternal youth
d. springs of forgetfulness
e. springs of desire

7. The king of Thebes was punished by the God Dionysus because ... a. he pits himself against the divinity of the God Dionysus
b. he was cruel to women
c. he was part-Titan
d. he was wearing a female disguise
e. he was able to shape-shift

8. In the "Bacchae", as in most of the tales of the ancient house of Thebes, the blind seer Tiresias... a. is not believed
b. is a representative of the Goddess
c. is a representative of patriarchy
d. continues to be youthful
e. all of the above

9. In the "Bacchae" the character Cadmus is punished for only giving "lip service" to the worship of the God Dionysus by being... a. sent to Hades
b. turned into an insane wild bull
c. turned into a stone statue
d. turned into a serpent
e. all of the above

10. In the "Bacchae" the character Pentheus is punished for NOT recognizing or allowing the worship of the God Dionysus by being... a. torn to pieces by a wild band of women
b. torn to pieces by his mother
c. attacked while in the garments a "simpering" female
d. caught spying on women
e. all of the above

11. Agave, the wife of Pentheus, is compelled against her will to participate in his cult because... a. she is too virtuous to participate willingly
b. because she is part-serpent
c. because she is a worshipper of the Goddess
d. because she is a queen
e. she is devoted to the God Apollo

12. Agave, the Queen of Thebes, could be said to represent "every woman" in terms of... a. the forces of repressed female sexuality
b. the oppression of the patriarchy
c. the limited roles of rebellion
d. limited opportunities to participate in the "world of action"
e. all of the above

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