Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 15

Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 15

1. The tragedy "Oresteia" contained three plays related in theme by... a. the murder of the God Prometheus
b. the murder of Cassandra, the priestess of Apollo
c. the murder of Agamemnon
d. the murder of Hercules
e. the murder of the prophet, Tiresius

2. The plot line of "Oresteia" roughly goes like this... a. Agamemnon is murdered by his wife; she is murdered by Agamemnon's mistress Cassandra; who is murdered by Agamemnon's daughter; who is murdered by Orestes
b. Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter; Orestes murders Agamemnon, his father; his mother murders him; and Cassandra murders the mother
c. Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter; is murdered by his son; who is murdered by his mother; who is murdered by Cassandra
d. Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter; is murdered by his wife; who also murders Cassandra; Orestes murders his mother
e. Agamemnon is murdered by Cassandra; who also murders Agamemnon's wife; and who is sacrificed by Agamemnon's daughter; who is murdered by Orestes

3. The Furies function in the play as... a. the chorus
b. the savagery of nature
c. the shadow-side of the Goddess
d. merciless avengers
e. all of the above

4. The Goddess Athene functions in the play as... a. An epitome of feminine grace
b. an example of persuasion
c. the militancy of women's rights
d. the compassion of the God Zeus
e. unconscious instinct

5. It could be said that one of the underlying themes of "Oresteia" is that of... a. the cultural shift from the chthonic Goddess to the ouranic Olympians
b. the political shift from democracy to monarchy
c. the cultural shift in gender roles providing education for women
d. the oppression of the matriarchy
e. all of the above

6. One prevailing motif of the play "Oresteia" is that of... a. need for redefining justice
b. physical evolution
c. political impotency
d. moral freedom
e. ritual worship of the Gods and Goddesses

7. One of the strongest elements of "Oresteia" in terms of the characters' gender roles is that of... a. mutual respect
b. murderers across the gender lines
c. generosity of spirit of the sexes
d. moral restraint
e. victimization of the men

8. One of the most important themes in "Oresteia" concerns the ___________ of the Gods and Goddesses. a. love affairs
b. moral evolution
c. release of the Trojan captives
d. immorality
e. Creation

9. In the play "Oresteia" the Furies are turned into... a. eagles
b. worshippers in the cult of the God Dionysus
c. kindly ones
d. beautiful ones
e. Gorgon

10. In the play "Oresteia" the Gods and Goddesses are... a. not eternal
b. changing
c. not omniscient
d. evolving
e. all of the above

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