Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 15

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 15

1. The God Apollo commands Orestes to kill the murderer of his father, Agamemnon, that murderer is... a. Agamemnon's wife
b. Orestes' mother
c. the mother of Iphigenia
d. the murderer of Cassandra
e. all of the above

2. Clytemnestra, in the "Oresteia" dreams... a. a snake bites her breast
b. a snake eats her husband
c. a huge snake is wound around a cross
d. she was a Snake Goddess
e. all of the above

3. If Orestes does NOT kill his mother... a. the Furies take him to Hades
b. the God Phoebus will curse him
c. the goddess Athene will marry him
d. he will be granted immortality
e. he will be eaten by a snake

4. If Orestes kills his mother... a. the Furies will take him, body and soul
b. the God Apollo will grant him immortality
c. he will be given power over Asia Minor
d. the Goddess Athene will strike him dead
e. Cassandra ill be given to him as concubine

5. In "Oresteia" the God Apollo claims that males are the only true parents because... a. women only nurse the seed
b. women are too selfish
c. women are too promiscuous
d. women are too beautiful
e. women are incapable of intelligence

6. In "Oresteia" the Goddess Athene can be said to represent male principle of parenthood because she... a. was born only of a male
b. was beautiful
c. the God Zeus' consort
d. was able to defeat the rest of the Goddesses in a contest of intelligence
e. all of the above

7. In "Oresteia" the Furies are transformed into beings conferring blessing rather than punishment by the Goddess Athene... a. persuading them that she would make them immortal
b. by clipping their wings
c. giving them mortal males as consorts
d. persuading them it was in their best interest
e. changing them into mortal women

8. The Goddess Athene's role in the "Oresteia" is to ultimately mediate between the forces of... a. good and evil
b. time honored tradition and political innovations
c. time honored ritual and human sacrifice
d. Troy and Sparta
e. the Furies and the Gorgons

9. It could be said that the Goddess Athene's role in the "Oresteia" is to mediate between the forces representing... a. instinct and social responsibility
b. the God Apollo and the God Dionysus
c. the id and the superconscious
d. the Goddess and the Olympians
e. all of the above

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