Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 16

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 16

1. Which was NOT one of the reasons thought to be the cause of Tiresias blindness? a. he witnessed the Goddess Hera
b. he saw the Goddess Athene bathing
c. when asked by the Goddess Hera who enjoyed sex more, men or women, he choose women
d. he was born that way
e. he revealed the mysteries of the nature of the gods to humans

2. Tiresias was also punished by... a. having no children
b. spending a year as woman
c. having to give up his wife to Heracles
d. never being allowed to wear clothes
e. never having his prophecies believed

3. Jocasta killed herself because she... a. could not bear the knowledge that she had slept with her own son
b. could not bear to kill Oedipus
c. could not bear to kill her children
d. could not bear to have more appalling dreams
e. loved Tiresias

4. As a baby, Oedipus was abandoned on a hillside by his father because... a. it was foretold he would kill his father
b. it was foretold he would kill his brother
c. it was foretold he would grow up to be a woman
d. it was found out that he was actually the son of the God Zeus
e. all of the above

5. Oedipus meets his true father... a. along the road
b. in Egypt
c. in the Underworld
d. in Rome
e. in Elysium

6. When Oedipus meets his father... a. he kills him
b. his father tries to strike him
c. he does not recognize his father
d. his father does not recognize him
e. all of the above

7. The Sphinx can be thought of as representative of the Great Goddess because... a. it had the mind of a scorned woman
b. it had the physical aspects of a woman
c. it had the body of a serpent
d. it had been born of Gaea
e. it tried to kill Oedipus as representative of masculinity.

8. When Oedipus is blinded he comes to realize... a. that all humans grope blindly in a world they cannot comprehend
b. that the gods are not compelled to explain their mysteries to humans
c. Human logic is insufficient to understand the workings of the gods
d. that the concept that life has a clear purpose is an illusion
e. all of the above

9. Oedipus can be considered to triumph in the end because... a. he takes the people's sin on himself
b. he accepts his fate without blaming the gods
c. he accepts his limitations
d. he does not choose Death
e. all of the above

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