Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 17

Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 17

1. Of the eighty-eight plays Euripides wrote, how many survive? a. 80
b. 33
c. 19
d. 100
e. 3

2. The play, Medea, is about Medea falling in love with and helping the Hero Jason against... a. fire-breathing bulls
b. fire-breathing dragons
c. Medusa
d. the Goddess Aphrodite
e. the God of the Underworld

3. Jason' quest is to find and obtain what? a. Medusa's head
b. love
c. immortality
d. the Golden Fleece
e. the Holy Grail

4. In the play, Medea ... a. kills her brother
b. kills the usurper of the throne Jason is heir to
c. kills her children
d. betrays her father
e. all of the above

5. Jason betrays Medea's love by... a. abandoning her
b. denying that she helped him gain his quest
c. running off with another woman
d. breaking his vow to marry her
e. all of the above

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