Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 17

Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 17

1. Medea possesses many qualities associated with Heroes, which is NOT among those attributes normally associated with Heroes? a. murder
b. courage
c. refusal to compromise
d. magic
e. courage

2. The chorus of Medea is composed of... a. priests of Hera
b. aged Athenian warriors
c. townswomen
d. the Fates
e. Bacchae

3. Jason is seem to be less than Heroic when he... a. murders his children
b. breaks his oaths
c. falls in love with another woman
d. uses magic
e. battles with Hercules

4. The phrase "like a rock, or a wave of the sea" refers to... a. Medea's irrational acts as if they were elemental forces
b. Jason as irresistible
c. Jason's monumental strength
d. the forces of tragedy which only the gods can stop
e. Medea's magic

5. Medea's relationships gave rise to many versions of the myths about her, which is NOT one of those myths mentioned in the text? a. she kills her own children
b. she kills all the children of Corinth
c. Hera offers to reward Medea for rejecting the advances of the God Zeus by making her children immortal
d. Hera kills Medea's children
e. Medea was a Goddess of childbirth

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