Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 17

Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 17

1. One of the arguments Jason makes to excuse his self-serving behavior is... a. "if only men could have children by themselves, and women did not exist"
b. "if only women would be silent and helpful"
c. "if only men were allowed the po wer of possessing women"
d. "if only men were allowed to bear arms and women only allowed to bear children"
e. "if only men were allowed to love who they want without having to marry women"

2. One of the exceptions to conventions of Greek tragedy, in this play, is... a. that violence is enacted on stage
b. that violence is not portrayed as noble
c. that violence is portrayed with humor and humility
d. that women commit violence
e. all of the above

3. Through the events of the play, the perspective on character of Medea changes from one of... a. sympathy to horror
b. wronged woman to psychotic housewife
c. Heroic to irrational
d. identification to revulsion
e. all of the above

4. Euripides seems to use this play to ask, if this violent, ignoble behavior are what Heroes are like then we should reserve our admiration for... a. those who are at least partly divine by birth
b. priests and oracles
c. nurses, tutors, village girls and peasants
d. departed ancestors
e. all of the above

5. Euripides questions the traditional concepts of the tragic universe by asking... a. if men are actually more rational than women
b. if the Gods are rational
c. if good can suffer can the wicked prosper
d. if violence is tool o f the Gods and Goddesses
e. if children are precious

6. To illustrate the concept of parody in this play, the text suggests that Euripides undermines... a. its characters
b. moral premises
c. sexual premises
d. heroic values
e. all of the above

7. At the end of the play, Medea is... a. killed by the Goddess Hera
b. torn asunder by the Furies
c. taken up in a chariot drawn by dragons
d. married to Jason
e. kills Jason

8. In commenting on the unpredictability of the Gods, the chorus comments... a. the Gods do not answer us
b. the universe is not run according to our needs
c. the universe is not run according to our expectations
d. the ambi guity of fate
e. all of the above

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