Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 18

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 18

1. The ideal Roman Hero differed from its Greek counterpart in a. his commitment to women
b. his commitment to duty
c. his quest for wealth
d. his dedication to the concept of glory
e. all of the above

2. By contrast to the Roman Heroic ideal in terms of soldier and citizen, the Greek Hero seems a. ego-driven
b. too effeminate
c. violent
d. too devoted to women
e. incompetent in his quest for wealth

3. The Roman Hero avoids a. the Gods and Goddesses
b. temptations of wealth
c. excess of emotion
d. political ties
e. hubris

4. A Roman Hero is committed to a. immortality
b. glory
c. Eternal Rome
d. suffering
e. chastity

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