Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 19

Review Quiz #4 for Chapter 19

1. When Dido commits suicide for love of Aeneas, she is... a. turned by Hermes into a cypress tress
b. sent the Goddess Iris who frees her spirit
c. taken to the River Lethe
d. turned into a constellation
e. all of the above

2. Why would Virgil sympathize with such characters as Dido and Turnus, who are enemies of Rome? a. They are drugged by the God Dionysus
b. they are the remnants of the old order
c. they are the victims of Aeneas' rage
d. they were in love
e. all of the above

3. Dido's sins/crimes, according to Roman audiences, did NOT include... a. excessive emotions
b. irresponsibility
c. neglect of city
d. loving too much
e. bowing to the will of the Gods Zeus, Mercury, Juno, and Venus

4. In dealing with the sorrow of loved ones who have died, the ideal Roman does NOT... a. memorialize them in stone or verse
b. shed tears for passing things
c. allow grief to detour them from their duty
d. allow sorrow to have expression
e. accept burdens of responsibility

5. When Venus sweeps away the "clouds" from Aeneas' eyes... a. he is filled with glory
b. he sees the destruction of Troy form the Gods' perspective
c. he is blinded by the brilliance
d. he distinguishes the forms of the gods and humans fighting on the battlefield
e. all of the above

6. What is exempt from the machinations of the Gods? a. suffering
b. births
c. love
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

7. The upper circles of the Underworld does NOT include... a. Tartarus
b. Fields of Mourning
c. a circle for innocent infants
d. the shade of Dido
e. the universal mind

8. The River Lethe... a. removes sins
b. leads to Tiresias
c. removes memory
d. removes all greed and lust
e. all of the above

9. Aeneas' guide in the Underworld is... a. the poet Ovid
b. his father
c. the God Hermes
d. his mother
e. his alter-ego

10. The Roman version of the "eternal reward" in the Afterlife does NOT include... a. feasting
b. comrades
c. where the pure can escape reincarnation to an eternal life of comfort
d. the rewarding of goodness in life
e. the wicked

11. The future of Rome as predicted in the narrative of the Aeneid includes... a. the Golden Age renewed by Caesar Augustus
b. conquer the Far East
c. conquer poverty
d. reestablish the Kingdom of Egypt to its might
e. the conquest of Christianity

12. The world created by the narrative of the Aeneid is NOT one in which individuals are... a. burdened by too many choices
b. burdened by the need to serve
c. driven and deceived by the Gods
d. bound to suffer bitter loss
e. all of the above

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