Review Quiz #2 For Chapter Two Part 2

Review Quiz #2 For Chapter Two Part 2

1. In later Roman myths, Helios is replaced by the Goddess Aurora. True

2. The concept of mythmaking related to ritual states that myths give an understanding of the bond between humans and the Gods and Goddesses, that rituals serve to act out or commemorate. True

3. The Charter theory of mythmaking notes that myth is used to... a. validate legal procedures.
b. validate social customs.
c. validate sacrifices.
d. validate social institutions.
e. all of the above.

4. The term "Etiology" in mythology refers to... a. myth as primitive science.
b. myth as accounts of vengeance.
c. myths about heroic deeds.
d. all of the above.
e. none of the above.

5. To punish the transgression of Prometheus in giving fire to mankind, Zeus commands the creation of the "lovely evil". True

6. Psychology does NOT link myth to... a. expressions of natural phenomenon.
b. spontaneous expressions of the human mind.
c. mental processes.
d. the center of consciousness.
e. all of the above.

7. The concept of anima/animus refers to the tension between love and hate. True

8. The concept of the "shadow" in Jungian theory refers to a mythical other, dark sun. True

9. Other theories of mythmaking do NOT include myth as... a. rite of passage.
b. a symbolic meaning imposed on the real world.
c. emissaries from alien planets.
d. easing people through life's troubles.
e. none of the above.

10. Structuralism in mythology refers to... a. the binary order of the mind.
b. comparing natural phenomenon.
c. spheres of action.
d. action and its consequences.
e. all of the above.

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