Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 20

Review Quiz #1 for Chapter 20

1. Ovid was banished from Rome for... a. writing graffiti
b. undermining the official Roman image
c. undermining the temple's authority
d. changing peoples beliefs
e. writing psalms

2. Ovid was known for the complexity and sophistry of his work, but NOT for... a. elegance of language
b. lecherous characters
c. cynical depictions of the gods
d. indifference to the human condition
e. comedy

3. Ovid's patron and perhaps target for satire was... a. Herodotus
b. Plato
c. Caesar Augustus
d. Helen of Troy
e. Hercules

4. A translation of the theme of Metamorphoses is... a. natural world in chaos
b. disorder changed into order
c. changing bodies
d. changing cosmos
e. all of the above

5. One of the dominant features of the narrative form is... a. links that allow one tale to flow into another
b. links between Trojans and Egyptians
c. ritual links with India
d. narrative allusions and elliptical references
e. all of the above

6. In Ovid's universe the atoms... a. celebrate life
b. are static
c. are precocious
d. warring with each other
e. erotic

7. In structuring the universe, Ovid... a. decrees a separate place for each
b. marks out boundaries
c. segregates the Gods
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

8. In his concept of universal order, Ovid parallels Rome's emphasis on... a. racial bias
b. walls and boundaries
c. molecular theory
d. supernatural elements
e. all of the above

9. In addition to wanting to enhance his own reputation, Caesar Augustus wanted to revive ancient Greek and Roman rites to... a. add supernatural magical precedents to this legal system
b. add dignity to Roman life
c. add Greek Heroic models to the Gladiator Hero role model
d. add familial bonding such as in Oedipus Rex
e. all of the above

10. In "downsizing" Greek myths into Roman myths, they are... a. brought into the realm of the fairies and nymphs of forest magic
b. made shorter in narrative length
c. creating Heroes and Monsters of average human size (not over 6 feet tall)
d. accommodating free verse
e. bringing them to the realm of ordinary experience

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