Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 20

Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 20

1. In the myth of Echo, she was punished for... a. chattering too much
b. distracting the Goddess Juno
c. trying to cover up the God Jove's dalliances with nymphs
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

2. In the myth of Narcissus, he is punished for... a. rejecting the love of all suitors for his favor
b. total self-absorption
c. self-love
d. being unresponsive to any but himself
e. all of the above

3. Echo is punished by... a. the Goddess Juno
b. the God Jove
c. the Goddess Artemis
d. the God Apollo
e. the God Dionysus

4. Narcissus dissolves into the pool of his own reflection, becoming... a. a fish
b. a flower
c. a rainbow
d. a dolphin
e. a constellation

5. Ovid, in listing the Ages of Man ala Hesiod, compares contemporary Rome to... a. the Age of Silver
b. the Age of the War Machine
c. the Age of Iron
d. the Age of Philosophy
e. all of the above

6. In depicting the Roman's anxiety of the need to choose between the terror of anarchy and the equally frightening threat of the law, Ovid felt Romans... a. were more frightened by disorder
b. were more frightened by anarchy
c. were more frightened by lack of boundaries
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

7. NOT among the nightmare qualities of Ovid's world is... a. follies
b. lust
c. revenge
d. vice
e. escape

8. So many of the human characters end up "immobilized" because of... a. God-driven, uncontrollable urges
b. that is the threshold of the Elysian Fields
c. the static nature of the real universe
d. contact with Medusa
e. they begged the Gods to release them from the law of reincarnation

9. Perseus used what to immobilize his enemies? a. a spell of invisibility
b. the Head of the Gorgon
c. the Head of the Kraken
d. the God Apollo's Shield
e. the Goddess Athene's Shield

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