Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 20

Review Quiz #3 for Chapter 20

1. Perseus saves _____________, and they both eventually become constellations. a. Arnache
b. Circe
c. Andromeda
d. Pandora
e. Daphne

2. When the god Apollo pursues Daphne, she begs to be saved from being defiled and is turned into a... a. nymph
b. laurel tree
c. grape vine
d. spider
e. white cow

3. Orpheus descends into the Underworld to... a. save his wife
b. abduct the Goddess Persepone
c. plea for his father's life
d. achieve immortality
e. woo Circe

4. Orpheus pleads his case to the God and Goddess of the Underworld by... a. singing a song
b. appealing to the love between them
c. by causing them to weep
d. by referring to untimely death
e. all of the above

5. Orpheus fails to achieve his quest, at the last minute, because... a. his mother curses him for negligence
b. his guide deserts him
c. the God Hades changes his mind
d. he looks back
e. he stops singing

6. Orpheus dies as a consequence of... a. a band of maenads attack him
b. being torn apart
c. an act of sparagmos
d. rejecting women
e. all of the above

7. In another instance of the "immobilizing" fate that awaits humans when they deal with the Gods, after Orpheus is dead, the God Apollo... a. turns him into the Rocks of Gibraltar
b. turns him into an Oak tree
c. restores his body
d. freezes his head
e. makes his body into a vast island

8. After his return from the Underworld, as Orpheus would stroll, __________ would spring up in his footsteps. a. grape vines
b. trees
c. flowers
d. springs of milk and wine
e. Bacchantes

9. Ovid was worried that if Rome fell... a. he would die
b. he might have to revert to Christianity
c. he would have to return to farming
d. his fame would not be secure
e. all of the above

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