Review Quiz #1 For Chapter 21

Review Quiz #1 For Chapter 21

1. After the rise of Christianity, the popularity of the ancient myths fell: but NOT among the reasons why was... A. the pagan deities
B. the concept of the Hero was negated by Christ as a role model
C. the rise of women's rights and presence in the educated classes
D. economic and political upheaval
E. disappearance of literacy

2. Who does the text site as examples of the Hero cast in a Christian model... A. Hercules and Adonis
B. Orpheus and Eurydice
C. Roland and Beowulf
D. Lancelot and King Arthur
E. all of the above

3. Christian readers saw the justification for reading pagan works such as Virgil because he foretold a child would redeem Rome, which they felt was a reference to... A. the pagans as their spiritual predecessors
B. the coming of Christ
C. the child-like rule of Pope Leo IV
D. the justification of the Children's Crusades
E. the coming of a state of Paradise filled with child-like wonder and innocence

4. In Dante's work, the Inferno, he relies on mythological images and referents from Virgil including... A. fairies and elves
B. satyrs and nymphs
C. the poet Virgil as guide
D. the ghost of Dante's father
E. the Emperor Augustus

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