Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 21

Review Quiz #2 for Chapter 21

1. In the Courtly Love tradition, Ovid's ___________ influenced love poems by such writers as Pertrarch or Dante. a. New Life
b. Art of War
c. Art of Love
d. Courts of Gods
e. Courts of Gold

2. Which is NOT among the most prevalent methods that ancient myths are transmitted... a. updated in language
b. translations into various languages
c. borrowing ancient themes to counterpoint contemporary issues
d. alliterative devices
e. using them as artistic emblems or symbols

3. Ottavio Rinuccini, a court poet of the Medeci family, was responsible for the staging of the first opera, because... a. he was such a fan of Homer
b. because he as committed to the worship of the God Apollo
c. he felt the ancients s ang, rather than chanted the ancient works
d. he felt that the scandal of church disapproval would highlight his career
e. he desired to immortalized with the Gods

4. Examples of the legacy of the ancient myths on cultural history do NOT include... a. the various adaptations of classic themes to support historical causes
b. an exclusively contemporary world view
c. the interpretation of classic the mes for contemporary concerns
d. the "double view" that a classic reference adds in terms of ancient and modern
e. a depth of meaning, bonding and transcending language, politics and culture

5. To the romantic mind, the image of Icarus conveyed the... a. the realistic aim for aerial flight
b. the quest for higher knowledge
c. the promise of eternal youth
d. the image of Christ
e. all of the above

6. Icarus fell in popularity because he... a. comes to represent lascivious behavior
b. comes to believe in Christ
c. comes to represent the obsessive human-centered world
d. represents a belief that humans are insignificant
e. nobility at its most oppressive

7. Prometheus conveyed the concept of _________to the Romantic Era. a. realism in mythology
b. rebellion against oppressive authority
c. unleashed passions
d. omnipotent force
e. all of the above

8. The mythic image of Prometheus is tied to several historic figures, such as... a. Napoleon
b. Kublai Khan
c. Marco Polo
d. Duke of Wellington
e. Marc Antony

9. The mythic image of Prometheus also is linked with fictional, mythical characters as... a. Frankenstein's monster and the Furies
b. Frankenstein's monster and the Goddess Hecate
c. Satan and Faust
d. Beethoven and Mozart
e. the philosophers of Greece and the philosophers of Italy

10. The Renaissance writer might turn to Eros as... a. service to the God of Love
b. representative of Cupid with his arrows of desire
c. a symbol for expressing more secular and intellectual aesthetics
d. a poetic device for more erotic drives
e. all of the above

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