Review Quiz For Chapter Three Part 2

Review Quiz For Chapter Three Part 2

1. Mesopotamia was NOT known for... a. being the home of the biblical Abraham.
b. the home of the partially-divine Gilgamesh.
c. the first urban civilization.
d. early versions of creation myths.
e. it was known for all of the above.

2. Ziggarats were NOT... a. tombs for buried kings.
b. early forms of pyramids.
c. a means of possible connection between Gods and humans.
d. representatives of the order of the cosmos.
e. representative of the genealogical descent of the Gods.

3. Which of the following is true of the Enuma Elish? a. The sky god came to power after defeating an older generation of gods.
b. Is concerned with the god Marduk.
c. Is concerned with the creation of the Earth.
d. Is closely paralled by He siod's Theogony.
e. All of these are true.

4. There are many similarities between the myths of Babylon and Greek myth. True

5. According to the text, in Greek myth Zeus fights a dragon-like creature that could be symbolic of the Goddess-oriented religions of prehistory. True

6. Which of the following does NOT correctly report a similarity between Zeus and Marduk? a. Both eliminate threats to cosmic order.
b. Both defeat an older generation of gods.
c. Both govern by martial skill and schrewd policies.
d. Both must fight monster reptiles.
e. All of the similarities are true.

7. In addition to similarities to the Enuma Elish, Hesiod's Theogony also contains similarities to the Turrian-Hittite Kingship of Heaven. True

8. The "Three Storied Universe" refers to a ziggarut with three levels. True

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