Quiz 1 for Chapter 6 Parts 1-5

Quiz 1 for Chapter 6 Parts 1-5

1. The ancient Greek myths see the cosmos as: a. dynamically changing
b. hierarchical
c. patriarchal
d. ordered by the male principle of divinity
e. all of the above.

2. Hesiod sees the role of women in the cosmic order as: a. patriots
b. Divine
c. help mate
d. catalysts of human decline
e. all of the above.

3. What is Hesiod referring to when he says that the men created "ate no bread"? a. that they didn't know about yeast and flour yet.
b. that they didn't have agriculture yet.
c. that they were only interested in war and violence.
d. that they had ambrosia and nectar of the gods.
e. that they had achieved immortality and the immortals have no need to eat

4. The Gift of Zeus to mankind was... a. the end of the Golden Age
b. the decline of humanity
c. woman
d. evil
e. all of the above.

5. The Gift of Prometheus to mankind was... a. Cattle
b. lyre
c. gold
d. grain
e. fire.

6. Zeus punishes Prometheus for... a. giving mankind fire.
b. tricking him out of the best parts of the sacrifice.
c. giving mankind the spark of civilization.
d. for giving mankind potential domination over nature.
e. all of the above

7. Zeus punishes Prometheus by... a. turning him into a human.
b. giving him Pandora as a wife.
c. giving him to Hades.
d. chaining him to a cliff where an eagle torments his immortal body.
e. making him bear the earth on his shoulders.

8. The order of the Ages of metals is... a. Gold, Silver Bronze, Heroes, Iron.
b. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Heroes.
c. Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Heroes.
d. Heroes, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold.
e. Heroes, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron.

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