Quiz 3 for Chapter 6 Parts 1-5

Quiz 3 for Chapter 6 Parts 1-5

1. When Pandora is described as having the "mind of a bitch", it refers to... a. admirable survival instincts.
b. assertive communication skills.
c. the same mentality, cares and morality of a female dog.
d. maternal attributes.
e. all of the above.

2. In other myths, such as Gilgamish, Pandora could be seen as indicating woman's mythic role is to.. a. help humanity distance itself from mindless nature.
b. benefactress of civilization.
c. a threat to masculine autonomy.
d. all of the above.
e. none of the above.

3. In looking for comparisons between the mythic roles of Pandora and Eve the most obvious is... a. the blame for man's evil's is woman's curiosity.
b. the blame for men's evils is woman's insatiable lust.
c. the blame for men's evils is ch ildbirth.
d. the role of woman as nature goddess.
e. all of the above.

4. Just as the "forbidden fruit" of the Greek myths is fire -- symbolic of bringing enlightenment to man, the "forbidden fruit" of the Biblical myth is symbolic of... a. the knowledge of Good and Evil.
b. an awareness of the spectrum of human existence.
c. usurping the exclusive property of the divine.
d. independence.
e. all of the above.

5. The Age of Heroes is NOT... a. when the hero, Odysseus, lived.
b. the days of the Trojan war.
c. the days when Hesiod lived.
d. the age when deserving should were carried by Zeus to the far-away lands of Elysium.

6. In the Silver Age, Zeus punishes the men for... a. not worshipping the Gods and Goddesses.
b. worshipping Ash trees.
c. leaving paradise.
d. intoxication.
e. making women

7. One element NOT common to myths of a global deluge, as an major event of human destruction, is... a. warning to a just man.
b. ark.
c. animals.
d. sending a bird to find land.
e. gold.

8. In the myth told by Apollodorus, to repopulate the Earth, the couple is told to "throw the bones of your mother" which means... a. the graves of the dead must be annihilated.
b. leaving behind memories in the evil past.
c. casting small stones that magically become people.
d. casting small bones to the hungry animals to lure them to the fire.
e. incest

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