Quiz #1 for Chapter 7 Parts 1-5

Quiz #1 for Chapter 7 Parts 1-5

1. The God Apollo was taught... a. prophecy.
b. to be Zeus' heir.
c. the personification of instinctual sensuality
d. military arts by Athene.
e. all of the above

2. The God Apollo was... a. Hera's first son.
b. Zeus' son by Leto.
c. Zeus' son by Dione.
d. Zeus' son by Aphrodite.
e. Dionyus' first son.

3. "Know Thyself" as inscribed on the temple of Apollo means... a. introspection is the road to paradise.
b. self-adulation/admiration.
c. know your genealogical roots.
d. be aware of your mortal limitations.
e. all of the above.

4. Shrines to Gods and Goddesses were sites of... a. worship of the God or Goddess.
b. offerings to the Gods and Goddesses.
c. rituals.
d. divine communication.
e. all of the above.

5. The oracles were... a. mysterious and hard to interpret.
b. ancient healing gems.
c. only conveyed by Zeus.
d. megalithic structures.
e. all of the above.

6. The advice engraved on the temple of the God Apollo -- "Nothing in Excess" --warns... a. don't get fat.
b. don't get greedy.
c. store as much harvest as possible for winter.
d. orgiastic rituals are a release.
e. avoid behaving as if you are a god.

7. Delphi was founded when... a. Gaea let loose the Titans.
b. Zeus released the miraculous fountain.
c. Zeus released two eagles who met back there.
d. meteorite showers announced the birth of Apollo.
e. Dodona met the Gods and Goddesses.

8. Apollo fought, killed and left to rot the Python, who was... a. a Titan.
b. Apollo's father.
c. a dragon.
d. an eagle.
e. a personification of patriarchy.

9. Python was... a. a dragon/serpent son born of Hera alone.
b. the care-taker of Hera's dragon son.
c. Hera's daughter.
d. God of the Indus.
e. all of the above.

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